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When you think of Mid-Century Modern homes, there are a few traits that come to mind, like clean lines, neutral colors, and minimal decor. The classic design style first became popular in the years following WWII, and in recent years has seen another spike in popularity. The influences of Mid-Century Modern style can be found all around the world, and have been adopted by other interior decoration styles, like Danish Modern, among others. Today, Mid-Century Modern homes can be spotted all across the United States, with stunning examples of this timeless style in nearly every city, including right here in Tampa, FL. Mid-Century Modern style is often linked with the beginnings of home enjoyment, which has only gained momentum throughout the years. With Mid-Century Modern homes, homeowners began to personalize their houses to best reflect their own taste, style, and lifestyle, creating unique and functional spaces.

Three Mid-Century Modern Styles

Immediately following WWII, Mid-Century Modern style was born and during these years homes built to reflect architecture style could be classified into one of three clear styles: International, Organic, and Contemporary. Though these design styles are distinct, they do share many of the same elements in homes in the United States and around the world.


International Mid-Century Modern style was largely influenced by architects from other countries. These simple homes reflect traits of the Bauhaus movement and featured stucco finishes with minimal decoration.


Some architects of the Mid-Century Modern movement chose to incorporate the nature surrounding their homes into the designs themselves. Instead of building homes to fit a clean, minimal aesthetic, Organic Mid-Century Modern homes were built to fit in with their natural landscape.


Contemporary Mid-Century Modern homes reflect the design that is most popular of this architecture style, the image that typically comes to mind when people hear the term, “Mid-Century Modern”. It incorporates clean lines, large windows, natural materials, and asymmetrical exteriors. 

Geometric Shapes & Angles

Some of the most immediately noticeable and signature characteristics of Mid-Century Modern homes are hard right angles, geometric shapes, and straight lines. Mid-Century Modern homes typically feature flat roofs, though you may see an asymmetrical roof from time to time. These clean lines serve as a foundational element of Mid-Century Modern style, and interior design often adheres to the same principles applied to the homes’ exterior. Mid-Century Modern architecture may also feature natural, organic curves which nicely complement other sharp features.

Tampa Mid-Century Modern

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Minimal Aesthetic

Mid-Century Modern homes are known for a minimal aesthetic, for everything from colors to interior design choices. When it comes to Mid-Century Modern style, simplicity is perhaps the most important feature. Neutral, muted colors and furniture with sharp clean lines serve as the perfect interior counterpart to the homes’ minimal exteriors. While some Mid-Century Modern homes may be a little bit less minimal than others, compared to various other design styles, simplicity is key.

Connection to Nature

One of the traits linked to Mid-Century Modern architecture that may not be immediately obvious but is certainly a defining element is the connection and access to nature. Mid-Century Modern homes feature at least one, if not many ways to access the outdoors. Oftentimes you’ll notice that Mid-Century Modern homes have large outdoor living spaces that are designed to blend seamlessly into the natural landscape that surrounds them.

Varied Elevation

It is not uncommon to find that Mid-Century Modern homes are designed in a split-level configuration, with a number of shorter staircases that create connectivity throughout the house. Mid-Century Modern homes often have partial walls that separate rooms which may be made of brick or glass. Fireplaces are also a common feature, and may serve as the focal point of the room. Mid-Century Modern homes also have cabinetry that may contribute to creating variety in depth throughout the space/

Large Windows

Many people gravitate to the large windows that are often a hallmark of Mid-Century Modern homes. Floor to ceiling windows are a popular design element, blurring the line between interior and exterior, between home and nature, between your daily life and the life that surrounds your home. Sliding glass doors often serve as one of the many ways that Mid-Century Modern homes provide access to the outdoors. 

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