For everyone who rents (or leases) South Tampa rental homes, it’s a choice that comes up every year: rent or buy. In addition to the common sense considerations everyone brings to that important decision, some financial measurements have been developed through the years that attempt to bring an element of rationality to a largely subjective decision.

Actually penciling out an answer isn’t always satisfactory because it is literally impossible to quantify elements like peace of mind. To some who own their South Tampa homes, there is great peace of mind in controlling their own destiny. To others, the worry of being responsible for a home’s maintenance or taxes makes the ‘peace of mind’ factor a wash — or even a negative.

Likewise, those who…

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When working with new buyer clients in our South Tampa – especially the first time homebuyers – I usually find myself fielding more than one question about what they should expect as they progress through the process of buying a home. Everyone already knows the big picture, of course, but in many ways it’s dissimilar from other large purchases they are used to making.

What first time homebuyers experience does differ from other purchasing situations. How it does is something the National Association of REALTORS ® seems to have accidentally answered through their latest study of homebuyers and sellers. The NAR was trying to determine what buyers want from their agents. To answer that, they compiled homebuyers’ “five biggest expectations.” To me, these…

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Some of us have decided that life is too short to spend any time behind a lawnmower. Others decide that the real reason we have a mate is so that we can offer him or her the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and sunshine…to mow. Children can be the recipients of that very same opportunity, which will build character through hard work. Alternatively, a healthy lawn – especially a well-watered one in late August – provides an opportunity to keep the South Tampa economy humming by employing a gardening service to keep it in top trim.

But for those of us who personally oversee our property’s greenbelt maintenance, earlier this month, CNN’s Money website put together a four-point tip sheet that caught my eye: it rounded up some of the best common…

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It’s a familiar moment: you are about to enter into an important agreement, and as you lift the pen to sign your name, you pause. Your pen hovers over the Signature line for an extra moment as you register how important this will be in shaping your future…

When it comes to home rentals in Tampa – St. Petersburg area, just such a moment occurs when you are about to sign the next year’s lease agreement. Tampa – St. Petersburg area rentals largely echoed the national trend to higher prices and tightening supply, so the number of dollars on the bottom line can make that hesitation linger a bit longer than before.

The fact is that the Tampa – St. Petersburg housing situation today is vastly different than it was just a couple of years back. Especially…

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Bel Mar Shores is yet another vibrant neighborhood within the city limits of Tampa, Florida. In the year 2000 census, the neighborhood has a population of only about 421. For those looking for a place where there is less crowd and more serene, Bel Mar Shores is the place to be. The neighborhood is located with the 33629 Zip Code.

The Boundaries

It is essential to note the boundaries on Bel Mar Shores. On other north part of this neighborhood, one can find the Spring Lake Drive. The southern end the Eulclid Avenue. Old Tampa Bay is on the west, while the South Westshore is to the east. The neighborhood is part of the beautiful South Tampa District, Florida.


According to the census made in the year 2000, as stated earlier, there is…

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7614 SW Shore Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33616

Phone: 813-835-4000

Current listings

Price: From the Low $300,000′s

The Landings – South Tampa’s Award-Winning and Eco-friendly Community

Crafted by Ashton Homes, The Landings is considered some of the most coveted real estate in South Tampa, Florida! Boasting an assortment of exquisite homes in a vibrant and centrally located community, it’s the place to be for families large and small looking to take in all the best that Tampa living has to offer.

Established in 1893, this unique community has it all – beauty, history, location, value and a warm, hometown feel to it. As soon as you enter, you’re welcomed by an elegant boulevard of delightful streets, and all homes have a front porch,…

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