Tampa Home Values RisingAccording to analysts and economists at Zillow, home values in the Tampa Bay area are projected to appreciate at a higher rate than the national average, although not but much. 

As recently summarized in the Tampa Bay Times, nine industry experts predicted our housing market will outperform the rest of the country while another eight expects it to underperform. As a result, Tampa was given a net score of 1+ in Zillow’s survey, which represents one of the lowest scores for markets that are expected to see home value appreciation outpace the national average in 2019. 

Other major cities where home values are expected to see an increase include Denver, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Dallas, and Las Vegas. For comparison, Chicago and Baltimore were among the…

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Tampa Homes For SaleWe’re already a few months into 2019, but that’s not stopping some of the experts from weighing in on Tampa Bay’s real estate market. It seems we’ll want to keep tabs on several factors could that come into play in the coming months.

Many people knowledgeable about local real estate are predicting a slowing for 2019. Even so, it’s expected to stay a relatively healthy market for both existing homes and new homes in the area.

While Tampa Bay’s still outperforming the nation as a whole, current trends show slowing appreciation. The threat of rising interest rates led to a strong selling season in 2018, but things could taper off. 

Some experts believe prices will remain high, making it more difficult to find homes under $300,000. Trade wars could…

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