Best Golf Course Communities in Clearwater, FL

Contrary to popular belief, golf course communities aren't necessarily just for golf aficionados and avid players. In many instances they represent a calm and peaceful lifestyle that is far from the hustle and bustle of urban living. In fact, the allure of these communities extends beyond the lush greens; they foster a unique sense of community and offer residents an array of additional amenities that make everyday living feel like a retreat. If you’re relocating or considering a new home or condo, stepping into the haven of a Clearwater golf course community might be your next perfect match. 

Feather Sound Country Club 

When it comes to golf course settings in Central Florida, the tranquility and beauty of Feather Sound Country Club in…

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Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Clearwater, FL

Clearwater is synonymous with beachfront properties and luxury living, so it's no surprise that this particular part of the Gulf Coast is home to some of the most stunning properties the Sunshine State has to offer. With its pristine beaches, exclusive neighborhoods, and breathtaking sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico, it's no wonder that the city is a haven for those seeking a lavish lifestyle. If you're thinking of buying a luxury home or condo Clearwater, here's your comprehensive guide to securing a piece of paradise.

Harbor Oaks 

Harbor Oaks is a prestigious and historic neighborhood offering a range of single-family homes with ample living space and luxurious amenities. Known for its architectural charm, you'll find an array of 1920s and '30s…

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Tampa Bike-Friendly Neighborhoods

Whether you're a serious cycling enthusiast, have kids who love to bike around the neighborhood, or are simply seeking a more active and eco-friendly lifestyle, finding a home in a bike-friendly neighborhood certainly has its advantages. With the growing focus on sustainability and health, it's no surprise that demand for homes in bike-friendly neighborhoods is skyrocketing all over the country. If living in a bike-friendly neighborhood is high up on your wish list, we have several areas in mind that might be a perfect place to call home in Tampa. 

Ybor City 

Ybor City a historic neighborhood in Tampa that also acts as one of the city's liveliest entertainment districts. Once a bustling cigar-making hub, today Ybor City displays its rich past…

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Tampa Michelin Star Restaurants

If you're a foodie in search of some of the finest dining experiences Tampa has to offer, look no further than one of its renowned Michelin star restaurants. If you're unfamiliar with the rating, these elusive stars essentially act as the official badge of culinary excellence, awarded by the prestigious Michelin Guide each and every year. But what exactly catapults a restaurant into this highly coveted arena of the gastronomic elite?

A Michelin star is more than just a rating; it's a hallmark of quality that chefs and restaurateurs around the globe aspire to achieve. The stars are doled out with meticulous care by anonymous reviewers, often referred to as inspectors, from the Michelin tire company — yes, the same company that makes car…

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Waterfront Neighborhoods in Clearwater FL

As a desirable part of Florida's Tampa Bay area, Clearwater is a Gulf Coast destination that offers an idyllic tropical setting for those seeking to buy their own slice of waterfront heaven. With its pristine beaches, sparkling waters, and a vibrant community, Clearwater is a wonderful place to live the ultimate Florida lifestyle. But buying a home on the waterfront here isn't just about the breathtaking views and the sound of the waves; it comes with its set of considerations, from understanding the market to knowing which neighborhoods fit your needs, wants, and budget as a home buyer. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about the best waterfront neighborhoods in Clearwater.

Sand Key 

Sand Key, a…

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Bike-Friendly Neighborhoods in St. Petersburg FL

The quest for a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle has many prospective homebuyers in St. Petersburg searching for properties in bike-friendly neighborhoods. Are you dreaming of morning rides to the local coffee shop, evening pedals through serene streets, and easy bike commutes to work? Choosing a home in a community that supports bicycling can have a profound impact on your daily life. Below is your guide to finding and purchasing a St. Petersburg home where cycling is not just a sport or leisure activity but a way of life.

Snell Isle 

Snell Isle is a stunning neighborhood nestled just south of Shore Acres on the east coast of St. Petersburg. Ideally located just a mile north of downtown, this fabulous residential community is surrounded by…

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