When you’re new to an area, it can be overwhelming to find the resources you need to make your family feel right at home. How do you get to know the best places to hang out, get the scoop on where to get your licenses and permits, and learn your way around the new area with an area map?

Tampa has some great resources that will help a new residence, and they include mobile apps, websites, and even local libraries of information. Take a look at these top online resources that will make it easier than ever to acclimate to your new town.

Hillsborough County Public Schools information

One of the first things you’ll need to do is to get the kids registered into their new school, but how do you know where to begin? Check out the website…

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National real estate data website PropertyShark just recently released a report that outlined what Florida’s most expensive ZIP codes are currently, which are about what you would expect if you’re somewhat familiar with the Florida real estate market in general.

Not surprisingly, Miami Beach (33109) topped the list as being the most expensive ZIP code in the state, and the 4th most expensive nationally, while Boca Grande (33921) and the 33122 ZIP on Miami’s west side weren’t far behind and rounded out the state’s top three.

Closer to home, however, several local markets also make the list of 50, most notably Anna Maria Island, which came in at No. 5 overall.

According to the numbers, Anna Maria Island’s 34216 ZIP code recorded a median sales…

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Sometimes healthy living can feel like a burden or a chore that your family just doesn’t have time for. While you know it’s important, you don’t always know how to make it work in your everyday life. Healthy living requires commitment, education, and time, and these are the things that many families around Tampa don’t always feel that they have.

While it’s easy to sneak in some exercise with a visit to the park or beach, and enjoy healthy eating from local farmer’s markets, it’s tempting to enjoy high calorie dining around town or enjoy a lazy weekend after a busy week at work and school. Now, it’s more important than ever to encourage healthy living habits for your family so that they become a normal part of life. Take a look at these ways that you…

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If you’re new to the Tampa area, you’re probably wondering what to expect from the surfing scene. While some argue that you need to go out east to catch the best waves, you’ll see a variety of surfing options right here in Tampa that’ll fulfill your surfing desires.

Not only can you surf through these options in Tampa, but they offer other options like kitesurfing and windsurfing, along with outdoor water sports and boat tours. Take a look at these great options in Tampa to bring out your inner surfer while living in Tampa.

Florida Boarder – 1010 W Grace Street, Tampa

Check out Florida Boarder, a local company that offers everything you need for a day of surfing. Not only do they offer surfing, but you can do windsurfing and kitesurfing through…

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Davis Islands Properties for $800,000The Tampa real estate market has been quite robust heading into the summer season, and there’s no hotter, more sought-after part of town right now than Davis Islands. Noted for its close proximity to downtown Tampa and for being home to some of the finest luxury estates in the entire metro area

Some of the most expensive home listings you’ll find on Davis Islands have been known to reach $5 to $6 million, and in some instances even higher. But what also makes this such an attractive location for home buyers to consider is that you’ll like find smaller, more affordable properties on the market here as well, which even start as low $300,000.

As you might expect, homes in Davis Islands on either end of the price scale are limited, and most listings…

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You don’t normally think of Florida with having some of the best barbeque, but you’d be surprised how many excellent BBQ joints you’ll find around Tampa. Just because we’re not in Texas doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some saucy ribs or a pulled pork sandwich. When you’re in the mood for great BBQ but you don’t want to travel far to get it, you can go these top locations found in Tampa, Clearwater, and nearby.

Rumba Island Bar & Grill – 1800 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater

Over in Clearwater, stop by Rumba Island Bar & Grill, known for its delicious barbeque with a complementing daiquiri. It’s the perfect stop for a hot day when BBQ is on the mind because this restaurant has perfected the mixture of island classics mixed with traditional barbeque…

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If you haven’t driven around Bayshore Boulevard, then you’ve likely missed the exciting new high-rise apartment building. It’s actually the first high-rise to be built on Bayshore in the last decade and the contemporary building is adding a true luxurious feel to the area.

The apartments here offer floor-to-ceiling glass views with open floor plans. Located at 3001 Bayshore Blvd, this exciting new development was in the works for a long time, and is adjacent to a similar project for a 20+ story apartment tower off Bayshore. Take a look at what Aquatica on Bayshore has to offer.

About Aquatica on Bayshore

Life at Aquatica on Bayshore is sure to be luxurious every time you come home in the evenings. The 15-story apartment tower has been in…

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According to a new report from CoreLogic, South Florida has the most at-risk homes of a storm surge in the country, and that certainly includes plenty of housing in the Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater metro area, as you may expect.

The release of the new report couldn’t come at a more appropriate time with this year’s hurricane season now in full swing, and according to the numbers, nearly 460,000 homes in the Tampa Bay region are considered to be located in an at-risk area.

Should the worst happen, it’s estimated that the reconstruction cost of the 459,275 homes in these at-risk areas is right around $80.8 billion, trailing only New York City in that category, which has a whopping reconstruction cost of $264.3 billion for all the at-risk properties…

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For a newlywed couple, buying a home is an exciting process. The first home you may have had was a rental apartment or rental home, while some simply move from their parent’s house into their starter home with their new spouse.

When the first home you purchase together with your new spouse is the start of “ours” rather than “mine,” it can be an exciting and overwhelming new experience. You’ll bring with you all of the things you already owned, as will your spouse, but sometimes these things overlap or things seem to be missing from your basic needs.

Instead of trying to figure out how to navigate this new living arrangement on your own, use this guide to understand the five basic things all newlywed couples will do well with having in their first…

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Who doesn’t love a good sandwich on your lunch break? Tampa has some delicious stops for a great sandwich and living here means you have to love the traditional Cuban sandwich. It’s not only popular in Tampa, but you’ll find it all over Miami in celebration of the Caribbean culture mixed with American flavors. The next question is where can you go to find a great sandwich like the Cuban? Check out these top places for sandwiches around Tampa.

Moxies Café – 514 N Tampa Street, Tampa

Stop by Moxies if you’re working downtown and are looking for a delicious sandwich at lunch. You won’t have to spend much to get a great lunch and you can find great options for breakfast with a hot coffee to go.

Enjoy the breakfast sandwiches on Cuban bread like the…

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