Before you jump right into the real estate market, you should take time to become an educated homebuyer. While you can count on a good real estate agent to help guide you, it's best if you have at least some knowledge of the market and how to shop for a home in Tampa.

There are several ways you can go about getting educated about home buying. Here are a few of the best ways to make sure you understand the ins and outs of home buying.

Workshops and Networking Groups

Often, workshops are held to help educate you on the real estate market. These workshops provide a great way to learn all about what to expect when you get into home buying. Sometimes, you can find workshops free of charge.

Networking groups are another great way to learn about the…

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Found in the Downtown Tampa area, the Pirate Water Taxi is more than just a way to get from one place to another. The water taxi serves the Riverwalk, Davis Island, Harbour and Channel District areas. They provide narrated day tours, private charters and so much more. The Pirate Water Taxi will even be introducing a Zoo Route on February 27th, 2017.

Narrated Day Tours

One of the most popular ways to enjoy the Pirate Water Taxi, the narrated day tours provide a look at more than 13 stops and plenty of attractions. Enjoy more than 17 attractions and museums, 13 parks and 24 restaurants.

You can hop on and off the water taxi with any of the all day passes. Prices for day tours include:

  •          Adults - $18 all day
  •          Children (3 to…

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With new jobs coming to Tampa Bay, it will have many benefits for the real estate industry. New people moving to the area means more homes are needed.

Since both private and public institutions have started working hard to attract new companies to the Tampa area, it has created more jobs. Job growth leads to relocation for employees, which helps the real estate market move forward. Here's a look at some of the job growth that has started to help the Tampa real estate market continue to row.

Amazon Fulfillment Center

With Amazon investing in a one-million-square-foot fulfillment center in the area, more than 1,000 jobs have been created. The center cost around $204 million and it's considered to be the largest industrial development in…

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February was the debut month for a brand new bike share program in the St. Pete and Tampa downtown areas. The program will help residents go green and enjoy plenty of great views, fun and transportation on two wheels.

This new program comes from a company called Coast. Residents and visitors can pick up bikes and ride them all over town. Then, they can simply drop the bike off at the nearest drop off point or bike rack. Those looking for a green and healthy solution to transportation will enjoy this new program.

Bike share programs are not new, but they are new to the Tampa and St. Pete area. They have been popping up all over the United States in many major and mid-major cities. The program in Tampa and St. Pete will start with about 300 bikes and…

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The leaders of the city of St. Petersburg are considering a unique option for more affordable housing with the area. Multiple articles have cited the Housing Service Committee speaking about bringing "skinny" homes to certain parts of St. Pete. These homes would allow for a lower price point making the city a bit more budget-friendly for some home buyers.

What are Skinny Homes?

Skinny homes are just what they sound like. They are home built up narrowly instead of built wide. They cover about 1,300 to 2,000 square feet and include three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Often, these homes come in the price range of about $150K to $300K.

These homes are a bit like townhomes, which have become rather hot in the St. Pete area. Many believe these homes are…

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When the weather isn’t cooperating and you need a fun place to hang out indoors, Tampa has some great options for you and the whole family. Sometimes the winter brings a dreary day or the summertime is just too hot to be outdoors. That’s why stops like the Harry Waugh Dessert Room and TopGolf are a perfect way to spend your afternoon.

Being outdoors all of the time in Tampa sometimes has you craving a day indoors but you still need a way to get out of the house. Take a look at some of the best places around town that will have your whole group entertained.

TopGolf – 10690 Palm River Road, Tampa

Who doesn’t love golfing in Florida? When you can’t get a tee time or the weather isn’t ideal for golfing, pay a visit to TopGolf with the whole group.…

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Tampa is known for having some exciting museum tours and giving residents plenty to do. Appreciating the local culture and learning something new is part of what makes Tampa’s museum the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Put the textbooks away and bring the kids to a local museum to learn something in an interactive experience. You’ll find some amazing pieces at The Dali Museum, a piece of history at the Henry B Plan Museum, and learn a little bit more than ever before at the Florida Holocaust Museum. Take a look at the best guided museum tours in Tampa.

Florida Holocaust Museum – 55 5th St S, St. Petersburg

Visit the Florida Holocaust Museum to get educated on this horrible event that you’ve been learning about for your whole life. Being such a…

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