Most Expensive 55+ Communities in Central Florida

Looking for luxury living in your golden years? Central Florida boasts some of the most prestigious and exclusive 55+ communities in the country. Whether you're an empty nester, retiree, or simply seeking a vibrant lifestyle in a stunning setting, these communities offer world-class amenities, beautiful homes, and a sense of belonging.

Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club - Date City FL

The saying 'you get what you pay for' certainly applies to the million-dollar homes of Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club. These sprawling sit on sizable lots on winding roads just to the right of Lake Jovita itself. Every address comes to the table with something different – options span from Spanish-style inspired five-bedroom homes to equally large bungalows with a…

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Best Recreational Trails in St. Petersburg FL

St. Petersburg, FL, affectionately known as "The Sunshine City," offers an array of recreational trails that cater to nature enthusiasts, fitness buffs, and those looking to explore the city's scenic beauty. Whether you're a local resident or planning a move to this vibrant city, these trails provide the perfect escape into nature, right in your backyard.

St. Pete Pier

Picturesque St. Pete Pier opened to the public just in time for summer in June 2020. Well into the decade and locals have designated it as one of their favorite spots for everything from dining and dancing to boating. The large community of businesses here provides visitors with some of the city's best products and services. Lots of museums and galleries can be found nearby,…

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Tampa Condos That Allow Short-Term Rentals

Downtown Tampa is continually developing and expanding, making it an especially attractive market for a rental property. As locals already know, Tampa Bay is much more than a vacation destination. Today, the city center is loaded with flourishing businesses and fun-filled attractions, and it also plays host to countless conferences and events that bring in thousands of visitors who want [and need] a unique place to stay. So if you're looking for your next rental property, or perhaps even a new Airbnb property to add to your portfolio, here are several options to consider...

Harbourside at Marker 33

Experience resort-style living at Harbourside at Marker 33! Built with top-tier hurricane standards, this recently constructed property offers…

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Central Florida 55+ Communities With The Best Amenities

Buying a home in a 55+ community with desirable lifestyle amenities can significantly enhance your retirement years. From tailored amenities and low-maintenance living to a strong sense of community and enhanced safety, these communities offer numerous benefits for empty nesters and retirees.

Bay Island - South Pasadena, FL

South Pasadena, Florida, rivals its Californian counterpart in many respects. The local climate is much more tropical, for one, creating a vacation-like atmosphere that residents get to enjoy every day. Real estate is another big, differentiating factor. Take the Bay Island 55+ community, for example. Located a mere half-mile from St. Pete Beach, this gated active adult neighborhood offers homeowners the very definition of a…

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Best St. Petersburg Neighborhoods Near New Rays Stadium

The new Rays stadium in St. Petersburg, FL, represents a bold step forward for the team, the city, and the fans. With its modern design, advanced technology, and community-centered approach, the stadium is poised to become a landmark destination. And, if you’re looking to live nearby, we’ve compiled a short list of the best St. Petersburg neighborhoods close to the ballpark. 

Historic Roser Park

Known as St. Petersburg's 'first neighborhood,' Historic Roser Park is indeed very historic. The residential development was the first of its kind in the area when initially constructed back in 1911. Over a century later and many original homes still stand. If anything, they've only become better – and shadier, as the trees along the neighborhood's…

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Best St. Petersburg Gated Communities

St. Petersburg, Florida is renowned for its sandy beaches, vibrant arts scene, and year-round sunshine. But behind the allure of its public attractions lies a hidden gem for those seeking privacy, security, and luxury—gated communities. Whether you're relocating or just curious about high-end living in this beautiful coastal city, we've curated a list of the best gated communities in St. Petersburg to help you find your dream home.

Bayway Isles

Bayway Isles isn't your average gated community. It's protected by an actual physical perimeter -- manned by security staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week – plus a natural one. Trespassers would need a boat to get within the vicinity of any house's backyard. The deep aqua-colored waters of Boca Ciega…

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Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Dunedin FL

Luxury home buyers seeking an exquisite blend of coastal charm and upscale living are continuing to set their sights on Dunedin, Florida. This hidden gem on the Gulf Coast is not just a haven for those looking to escape the frenetic pace of city life but also a treasure trove of some of the most opulent homes in the region. Whether you're dreaming of waking up to serene water views or luxuriating in a meticulously designed space, Dunedin's elite neighborhoods offer a range of prestigious properties that promise a lifestyle second to none.

Grove Terrace

Welcome to Grove Terrace - a sprawling, welcoming community nestled within one of Dunedin, Florida's most popular neighborhoods. Its stately style honors a bygone era of American homebuilding,…

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Best Condos in Dunedin FL

Nestled in the heart of Pinellas County, with its alluring coastal charm and vibrant community, Dunedin, Florida emerges as a coveted paradise for luxury home buyers. Renowned for its picturesque Gulf Coast beaches, unique cultural heritage, and lively downtown area, Dunedin offers an exceptional quality of life that beckons discerning buyers to its premier condominium buildings. This guide is your key to unlocking the secrets of successfully purchasing a condo in this exquisite locale, ensuring you find your dream luxury home.

San Ruffino

The coastal townhome condos of San Ruffino set high standards within Dunedin, Florida's local real estate market. Built in 2009, this community comprises rows upon rows of bright and welcoming residences that…

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Tampa Neighborhoods With Streetcar Access

Tampa is widely applauded for its diverse collection of neighborhoods that are friendly and welcoming to all. The city has so many unique subsections that it is tempting to explore all of them – and no matter where you make your home in Tampa, you can. With the TECO Streetcar system, the most desirable areas of Tampa are connected with an easy transit service that makes traversing through this beautiful city simple and quick. Check out these five stellar neighborhoods as you take a ride on the TECO. 

Channel District 

The Channel District is a residential neighborhood in Tampa that invites in many a visitor due to its plethora of tourist attractions. Many families come to the area to enjoy the Florida Aquarium, where sharks and stingrays swim…

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St. Petersburg Neighborhoods With SunRunner Stops

St. Petersburg is known across the country for its ideal combination of beach access and upbeat urban life. With the introduction of the SunRunner, a rapid transit bus that makes a quick, 35-minute loop from the ’burg to the beach, enjoying all that St. Petersburg has to offer has never been easier. Here are some of the top neighborhoods with easy access to SunRunner service so that you can head from the city to the beach (and back!) in no time. 

Central Arts District 

Tucked away between the 300 and 700 blocks of Central Avenue, St. Petersburg’s Central Arts District boasts a close-knit community of artists, studios, galleries, and more. The area is well-known for its many exhibits and museums, including the blown glass masterpieces in the…

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