Best Gelato in TampaWhat is better on a hot Tampa day than a scoop of gelato? This Italian treat is unlike your typical ice cream or frozen custard; this is a healthier way to beat the heat and enjoy some sweets. It has less fat, fewer calories, and most would agree it tastes better than ice cream too! You’ll find that the same serving of ice cream compared to gelato would save you around 150 calories and almost 15 grams of fat. Why go with the typical ice cream cone on date night and instead, go for a scoop of gelato that will keep your pants fitting great and your date smiling just as big!

Gelateria del Duomo – 2223 NW Shore Blvd, Tampa

Make your first stop over to Tampa’s Gelateria del Duomo, over on NW Shore Boulevard. It’s 100% authentic featuring all natural…

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