Tampa Open HouseWhen you have potential buyers looking at your home, it’s important that you get every nook and cranny when cleaning. You want your house to look its best and give the best impression possible. You’re likely to deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen, have the floors cleaned, put up a fresh coat of paint where needed, and move your furniture around to showcase that beautiful window or great space for entertaining.

Staging a home is important to show your home off in the best way possible, making it extra important that you think about every detail. There are a few areas that your buyers are going to examine that you may not have thought through, such as your junk drawer or under your bed. Take a look at these areas that your buyers might look through during the open house.

Your closets

Your realtor may have mentioned to you that decluttering your closet by putting away out of season clothing would help to show your potential buyers how much space there would be to work with. If you planned to stuff all of the extra clutter into closets for the house showing, think again.

Your potential buyers are going to peek inside closets to see how big of a space they would get to work with if they owned the house. Make sure you’re organizing it well and show the potential buyer why these closets in your home are perfect for their belongings.

Under the bed

You probably never realized that a buyer would look under your bed but they will. Make sure you aren’t putting your extra clutter like the excess items from the closet or the personal photos from the wall under the bed. Your potential buyer will see a cluttered bed as a sign that this home doesn’t have enough storage. You can always rent a temporary external storage space to make sure the home showing showcases an organized, easy to store items in type of house.

Drawers and cabinets

Look in CabinetsThat’s right; even the junk drawer is going to need help. Potential buyers are likely to open drawers and cabinets to see how big of a space they would get to work with. Be sure to clean these spaces out and organize them with containers and accessories.

Look over the details like whether a buyer would open your cabinet to find matching dishes, if the spice rack is filled, and if your junk drawer makes you look like an organizational wiz. You’ll be able to enjoy unpacking a more organized house into your new home anyway.

The shower

Your shower is probably deep cleaned but did you leave your usual shower supplies inside of it? Your buyers are going to want to see what type of shower they would get to use every day and they don’t want to see a shower with extra clothes hanging inside, your personal belongings, or even your toiletries. Remove anything from the shower including cleaning supplies and toiletries to make sure your buyer can adequately see the shower. Making it look bigger will help your buyer to be more interested in your home.

The exterior

Dirty SidingLastly, don’t’ forget that your buyer isn’t going to just look at the front of your home and examine your yard, your patio furniture, and your landscaping. Your buyer is going to look at your home from all angles. Many people forget to clean up the siding of the house. If it looks in poor condition or is dirty, your buyer may be turned off by the whole home. Power wash everything and add fresh paint to make sure your home looks fresh and clean.

Use these tips to make sure you’ve covered all of the nooks and crannies that your potential buyers may notice during an open house.

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