Single People LaughingDo you wonder what it’s like to be a single person searching for a home in Tampa? House hunting as a single person is much different than house hunting with a spouse or kids in mind. You have to consider the needs of your family in every aspect of searching for a home for multiple people while a single person can pick and choose features that are most important to them alone.

That also means there may be less of a budget to work with towards the home purchase. When a single shops for a home, choosing features that are suited to a single person’s lifestyle is important, like making safety at top priority and choosing something that’s low-maintenance since this person won’t have a mate to help with these things. Take a look at what singles are going to be looking for in a Tampa home.

Buying alone is becoming more common

While it was once unheard of that a single person would be buying a home for one, it’s now becoming more and more common. People are getting married later, starting their careers sooner, and having kids even without a spouse which means getting a home to raise kids, entertain, or to enjoy with a stable income is becoming the trend.

Many singles are starting to buy homes without a partner in order to become more suitable for a potential mate. In fact, single buyers last year made up about 20% of the market in the US. Real estate agents and singles should look for a few key features to make sure the home makes sense for a single person.

Make sure it’s safe

It’s going to be more important than ever that safety is a priority when choosing real estate. A partnership makes it easier to have one another’s back and will increase the likelihood that someone is always home, someone is always locking up the house, and someone is keeping an eye out at night.

When a person lives alone, he or she is always going to be coming and going alone and has to keep him or herself safe along with the house all alone. When agents take the time to point out additional safety features on a property to a single buyer, this person will feel more secure in buying this property. This could include the attached garage, well-lit streets, security cameras, or close-knit communities where neighbors look out for one another.

Low maintenance and fun

Home Buying in TampaSingle buyers are also going to be more interested in a property that is low-maintenance and near the city’s most fun areas. A single person doesn’t want to spend all of their free time on home maintenance tasks, landscaping, and upkeep. A single person wants everything simpler, like a small lawn to mow or a simple garden to water occasionally.

This person wants to spend their down time having fun in the city near cultural centers like museums and theaters, near restaurants, and near recreational spots. Single people are more likely to spend their weekends shopping at Farmer’s Markets, trying a new museum, grabbing brunch with a friend, and trying to meet new people.

When a real estate agent understands the needs of a client, it makes house hunting more successful and personal. Make sure to keep these items in mind when it comes to singles buying homes in Tampa.

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