James Cameron and Richard Branson recently made high-profile submarine dives deep into the ocean and a number of millionaires have already bought luxury submarines that sit on the decks of their own yachts. These things have given out-of-this-world ideas, especially when it comes to underwater tourism.

It is a fact that people have long been fascinated by sea creatures and everything else under the sea. Bruce Jones, president of the Triton and U.S. Submarines Inc., is building the world’s first underwater resort in Fiji. And he is not alone in this new kind of quest. He has a number of competition in this particular aspect of the market.

Water Discus at Dubai

In May of 2012, it is said that Dubai will also build an underwater hotel which they will call as the Water Discus. The race with regards to building the first underwater five-star hotel is surely growing more intense. In Dubai’s proposal, the attraction will feature 21 rooms, at least 30 feet below the surface. It will come in a giant disc. The disc above the water will feature different recreational facilities which include a spa, garden and swimming pool. The other discs will contain a diving center, helipad, emergency floatation pods, a central shaft that connects the upper and lower levels. Overall, the complex will totally look like a spaceship.

The whole hotel can be simply raised above the water whenever there is an evacuation or if repairs will be made. And when the tourism will not look good in Dubai, the complex can be transferred into another location.

Dubai had former plans to build the $300 million Hydropolis. It is a 250-suite underwater resort. However, such project was cancelled because of the economic downturn. The current proposal is backed up by the Dubai construction company called Drydocks World, Swiss brokerage firm BIG Invest Consult, and is designed by Poland’s Deep Ocean Technology. The project will cost $50 to $120 million.

The Poseidon Undersea Resort

On the other hand, Bruce Jones is quite confident that the Poseidon Undersea Resort will be finished before the Water Discus in Dubai. He believes that it will stand in the next two years and will surely be better. The said resort features 24 underwater suites, suites above the water, and some beachfront locations. An amount of $15,000 per person will get you a week with multiple nights in the different types of suites. With such amount, the guests will also be provided with piloting lessons for a mini-submarine and a personal butler. The resort also comes with a spa, bars, restaurants wherein one will be submerged underwater, and a nine-hole golf course.

Although it is quite expensive, there are already 120,000 people who have signed up for reservations. It only offers 7,400 spots a year, which means that the resort accommodation will be sold out for the years to come.

But if you have the money and would not like to wait, you can simply buy an underwater house. Since underwater business is booming, the Triton and U.S. Submarines have a subsidiary company that is currently developing commercial homes and residential buildings underwater.

Cheaper forms of underwater entertainment are available at Jules Undersea Lodge at Key Largo, Florida. You might want to check out the Anantara Kihavah Villas and the Ithaa Undersea restaurant at Maldives.

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