GardenYour outdoor garden is likely either that neglected part of your home that doesn’t interest you much or it’s that part of your home that you treasure most. Part of the problem for those that feel the burden of maintaining a garden is that they don’t understand the potentials of an outdoor space in their home.

With the right use of your space, you can turn your garden into something really special for your family to enjoy for years to come. A great place to start is to add the right garden structure, depending on the size, space, and goal of your yard, and then bring in the right plants to accompany it. Take a look at the different garden structures you could work with and understand how they can transform your home’s outdoor space in no time.

Working with a patio space

If you have a patio space to work with, your best bet is to get a large pergola to give yourself a cover from the sun and the rain. These function as not only protection from the elements, but a beautiful outdoor feature to add character, something to hang lights from, and a beautiful space to designate as a dining area. It allows you to attach to it easily and gives your outdoor space an aesthetic appeal.

They are large enough to cover a seating area, they add a ton of value, and they are perfect for covering your deck or patio. Prepare for a large amount of time on building the small counterparts and assembling the whole thing. While this functions as a covering for your patio, it’s not meant to be completely sealed, but rather open with latticework to allow the sun to peak through but some shade to keep you cool on a warm day.

Add depth to your outdoor space with transitional arches

ArchesAnother way to spruce up your outdoor space is by adding a walkway using an arch or arbor. Your arch refers to garden structure that creates a framed view to allow you to walk through a path. This is a really fancy way to give your outdoor space the feel of “rooms” by creating an arched walkway that transitions from one outdoor space to another.

It’s perfect for placing at the entrance to your veggie garden or at the beginning of any of your paths. Your visitors will likely feel more open to explore your garden rather than feeling constrained to the patio.

The arbor on the other hand, is more of a focal point placed over a path to create the frame and entry point to the garden, while offering the added feature of a trellis that holds plants. Using both features together might allow you to enjoy both features in one.

Choose simplicity with a trellis

What is a trellis you ask? This is a great way to start simple with your garden structures. This acts as a beginner’s tool for creating your outdoor garden space by showing you a peak at how your outdoor space can transform with such a simple and affordable structure.

A trellis is basically like a vertical screen in which your plants can climb it while it lays against your property’s exterior. It also helps you hide any areas that don’t look as nice as the rest of the space. Be sure to choose a wood one to keep a classic look and have a sturdier option against the weight of plants and heavy winds.

Add the right plants

trellisNow that you’ve created a garden with structures that cover your dining area for a romantic feel, one to create an entryway to your veggie garden, and one to cover up that unsightly wall with climbing plants, you can now bring in the perfect plants to add to your space.

Fragrant flowers or climbing veggies will be perfect at the trellis while hanging plants and potted plants near your pergola will add a sweet charm while keeping the simplistic look of the structure. Use your arbor’s trellis to add a beautiful, overhead, climbing flowers such as wisteria.

Remember that pergolas have posts and cover your patio, while arches and arbors are for walking under, and trellises are for teaching you the basics garden structures. Use this information to choose the right structures for your Tampa home.

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