Kids in Swimming PoolOwning a swimming pool can be a lot of fun for families and it’s almost a must-have in Florida. The hot temperatures force residents to find a way to cool down and swimming in the backyard is a great way to combat the heat. The only drawback to pool ownership is that there is a great deal of maintenance involved in keeping your pool healthy and clean.

It can be a bit overwhelming for a first time owner, but this guide will help you to learn the essentials. You’ll be relaxing with a drink in hand and a great book as you float around the pool in no time, just after finishing these tips. Take a look at the top tips for a homeowner with a swimming pool.

Watch the filter

One area that you’re probably already familiar with is the pool filter which will filter out the dirt from your water. Keep your water sparkling by maintaining your pool filter which collects leaves and dirt from the water. Clean out the filter basket once per week to make sure it’s functioning properly. You’ll also want to clean out the pipes of the filter each month to ensure it is well-maintained.

Watch your water levels

Another area that will be easy to remember is to watch your water levels. Obviously filling up your pool too high will cause for an overflow and flooding in the backyard. You also want to watch out for a pool that is too low. It’s going to fluctuate throughout the summer naturally but watch for anything too low or too high. You can fill it up with a garden hose when it looks too low, but you’ll need a waterproof pump for an overflow that requires getting rid of excess water. Just remember to keep things level.

Cleaning your pool

Homeowners with Swimming PoolsWhen it comes to keeping the pool shining on the actual floor and walls, you’ll need to invest in a robot vacuum that can scrub it for you. You’ll want to remove leaves and debris that are floating while scrubbing the sides and bottom, but a robot vacuum will do most of that for you. Don’t forget how important scrubbing is because too much dirt will cause an algae build-up.

You’ll need chemicals

To clean your water and to make it swimmable, you’ll need chemicals for the pool. You’ll need to check out the chemical levels weekly. You’ll be testing the levels for cyanuric acid, total alkalinity, acidity, free chlorine, and calcium hardness.

Shock the pool

Swimming Pool TipsLastly, make sure you are shocking the swimming pool occasionally to kill any bacteria. You’ll shock the pool by raising the chlorine level temporarily. You’ll dilute three to five times your normal amount of chlorine and chemical sanitizer before adding it to the pool’s return line.

It’ll filter through and slowly refill the pool with water over time. You’ll want to do this about once per week during the peak season and depending how many people swim in your pool. After a party or long periods of rain, you’ll want to do a shock.

Once you nail down these five tips, you’ll love pool life and the relaxation before you know it.

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