Are you interested in having a real chef’s kitchen in your next Tampa home? What makes a regular kitchen in a typical American home different than one designed for a real chef? You may take notes from upscale restaurants and see what they are doing differently for inspiration, such as having a built-in wine refrigerator or having open shelves to stack plates rather than having them hiding in a cabinet. When you want your kitchen to feel more like an upscale dining experience, look for these top five features that turn a typical kitchen into a chef’s kitchen.

An outdoor extension

Aren’t the best restaurants the ones that have an outdoor experience a part of it? Turn your kitchen into a chef’s kitchen by extending it into the outdoors. Take advantage of your beautiful Tampa views and unused outdoor space in order to turn it into a chef’s dream space. You’ll love extending the kitchen outdoors for more room to cool, more possibility, and to enjoy grilling outdoors after chopping the veggies inside.

You can make an outdoor extension by including a Wok Range, a pizza oven, and a grill, but be sure to include an outdoor space for prepping and plating meals, as well as a sink and ample counter space. Having it covered makes it available to use in any weather conditions but having an outdoor dining table will allow you to eat outdoors when the mood is right.

Wine fridge

What better way to entertain loved ones than to start with opening a bottle of wine in the wine staging area? Having a wine refrigerator or a temperature-controlled wine room will allow you to store wine for years and select the one you want each day for your guest’s arrival. Select the right wine with the food for the evening and you’ll love already having it chilled in the refrigerator before serving. A wine room or wine staging area is a great way to show off your collection right away.

Refrigerator drawers

Speaking of refrigeration, a chef’s kitchen is unique in that you don’t have to rely on your one refrigerator to keep things cool. A chef’s kitchen includes refrigerator drawers for extra storage and a faster way to access specific items.

These are typically found in the kitchen island, which is extremely convenient for having tonight’s dinner ingredients, an arm’s reach away from the prep space. You also don’t have to force your guests to see your huge refrigerator of clutter when you are simply pulling items out from a drawer below your island; a much classier way to entertain while preparing dinner.

Open cabinets

One of the ways that a chef’s kitchen differs from the typical American kitchen is that serving dishes aren’t hidden away in tall cabinets to be dug up for each meal. Instead, a chef’s kitchen has open shelving with the plates and bowls within an arm’s reach, ready to be warmed up or chilled before plating up dinner. You can show off your beautiful dinnerware rather than hiding them away with the kitchen appliances and pantry goods.

A tasting area

Lastly, a chef’s kitchen feels more like the restaurant experience than a typical kitchen due to the tasting counter that offers guests a way to enjoy an appetizer and drink before dinner is served. There is more flow to this style of kitchen between the large amount of counter space and the breakfast bar with barstools for sampling food during the cooking of a meal. It allows for more conversation and relaxation before dinner.

If you find a listing with a chef’s kitchen or want to provide some of these features to your home before selling in Tampa, these are the elements to look for that will wow the buyer that loves to cook. 

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