Cobra Curse Rollercoaster Busch GardensBusch Gardens is a summertime favorite and it’s just gotten even better for Tampa residents. You can now enjoy their brand new ride debuted this summer called the Cobra’s Curse, the ultimate thriller in spin coasters.

This unique ride features a snake king icon that weighs 30,000lbs and forces riders to meet it face to face during the ride. While the ride is only a few minutes long, it will be one of the most terrifying for Busch Gardens’ visitors. Take a look at what this new ride is all about and what people have to say about the new addition!

Visiting Busch Gardens

If you haven’t made the visit to Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL yet, you are truly missing out. This park was recently named a top theme park by TripAdvisor, the website where real people can offer their real experiences through reviews of attractions, lodging, and dining. When people choose Busch Gardens and then leave great reviews on TripAdvisor, you know it’s the type of place worth checking out.

The site recently called this park their #17 out of their list of best theme parks in the world with other Florida hot spots making the list too. There is also an exciting Iceploration show at Busch Gardens that has been awarded by USA Today as a fan favorite for entertainment at an amusement park.

You can visit the park owned by SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. of Orlando over in the Tampa Bay at 10165 N McKinley Drive all year long to discover more of the fun of this African-themed animal theme park. The park caters to the young and the old.

All about their new ride

Now that the latest ride has opened at Busch Gardens, you’re going to want to pay a visit to this favorite Tampa Bay attraction. Cobra’s Curse is the newest addition to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, featuring a three-and-a-half minute long coaster ride with unique twists and turns.

Expect to ride 40 miles per hour down a 2,100 feet track, while also experiencing spinning freely, backward travel, and forward travel. The ride just debuted on June 17th and immediately stood out for its snake king feature that is terrifying riders each time. Rides will literally ride inches away from the eyes of a 30,000lbs snake king icon through a 70-foot vertical lift, which measure 3-feet wide. The snake’s fangs are present at 4 feet long in size.

Your terrifying ride on the Cobra’s Curse will start you approaching the giant snake, which will make you feel like you are about to enter its deadly bite. After reaching about the halfway point of the ride, your cart will turn to make you finish the ride going backwards. As if that’s not scary enough, riders will then be spun around going backwards on loops and seeing the giant snake at every blink of the eye.

What are people saying about this exciting new thriller? Not only do they love the coasters at this location, but this new addition is a great new option. It’s offering great new twists, more quality, and the unique and unusual way to ride a coaster.

After starting off going forward, then shifting backward, then going around in a sort of Tilt-A-Whirl and roller coaster combo, you don’t know where you are anymore. You’ll love going up the lift hill like an elevator and the built-in, real, live snake display while feeling all out-of-control the whole time.

Be sure to plan your visit to Busch Gardens now that you can experience this new, exciting coaster!

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