It’s almost time to list your home for sale this year in Tampa and you are trying to figure out how to prepare for a great listing. Obviously you’ll get the home deep cleaned, organized, and decluttered, but how can you make your home really shine without going over the top on renovations?

There are some simple ways to prepare your home for sale that won’t cost you much money and will really make your home pop. Take a look at these ways to prepare your Tampa home for sale that you’ll want to get started on now!

Deep cleaning and organizing

While it’s a great idea to get the house deep cleaned by a cleaning service, there’s more to preparing the home than a deep cleaning. Before tackling the cleaning tasks necessary around the house, start with a declutter and overall purge of items you may not need any more or that you’d like to sell or donate.

You may find that there are more items in the home than what you plan move to the new home, and rather than taking the time to clean the home with them in the house, you could simply box these items up for a garage sale or charitable donation. Once everything has been decluttered, cleaning will be much simpler.

After you’ve removed unnecessary items, get the whole family involved in a deep cleaning. You may find that hiring a maid service is better, but sometimes involving the whole family allows for a bonding experience and a better appreciation for the new home.

Put the most time into kitchens and bathrooms, as well as the interior and exterior side of windows. These areas will make a big difference to buyers. Then, make sure you organize everything since buyers will open your cabinets, closets, and storage areas making it extra important that you make this areas look their best.

Handle light repairs

You don’t have to completely renovate your home to increase its value. Simply handle some DIY repairs that are minor and make a huge impact. You’ll definitely need to make the home feel like a blank slate with neutral paint colors, but make sure you’ve repaired walls before repainting in a great neutral tone.

Then fix your cracked or broken windows, replace the windows screens, and replace burnt-out bulbs. Then look at your caulking around the tubs, showers, and sinks to get the caulking redone, and fix any leaking faucets or running toilets. Repair and grout needed as well.

Work on curb appeal

Lastly, work on your curb appeal. This makes a huge difference in your listing and doesn’t have to take a huge bank account to handle. Start with a freshly manicured lawn and trimming the shrubs, bushes, and trees. It may be worth it to apply new mulch or gravel to your yard to make the landscaping pop, while adding a few annuals during the right season will really freshen up the place.

Repair any concrete areas like driveways or sidewalks, looking for grease stains and weeds that need removed. Repair your gutters and downspouts before the final touches of a new welcome mat, freshly painted house numbers, and a replacement mailbox.

Use these tips to easily prepare your Tampa home for sale and your buyers will notice your attention to detail.



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