With your upcoming showing coming up, you’re likely considering ways to make your home really shine to a potential buyer. This means taking the time to deep clean, declutter, renovate, and stage your home. In that process, you’ll likely be putting away family heirlooms, personalized photos, and other items that remind buyers that this is still your home.

You want your buyers to feel like the home is a blank slate and somewhere where they could personalize to their own style. In addition to removing personalized items, you’ll want to bring an even more neutralized feeling to the home by removing any luxury items that show your wealth and could tempt the right person to try to swipe something. Take a look at the dangers of leaving luxury items out during your home showing and what to make sure you pack up tight before listing your home.

The possibility of theft

You may be proud of your designer handbags or original artwork in your home that are some of your most prized possessions. Displaying such items on a regular basis makes sense for you because the people that visit your home are loved ones, family, friends, and neighbors. When it comes to the homes showing, you’ll have strangers looking at photos of your home and walking around your home of which you don’t know their intentions.

The last thing you want to do is trust the whole world with information that you normally only trust invited guests with, seeing that the knowledge that you own thousands of dollars’ worth of luxury items may tempt a bad apple to stop by for a showing and swipe something from under your realtor’s nose. Having listing photos with these items clearly visible may also encourage a break-in some night when no one is around.

What items to put away

This leads many to wonder which items should be put away since luxury items could include a nice piece of furniture to an expensive card collection. You’ll want to start by making sure you’ve removed all money from the home, as well as all personalized photos of your family and children since they will end up online and in front of potential buyers that may be less likely to buy after seeing another family residing here.

Then, remove any guns or weapons you keep in the home for protection. Lastly, do a sweep through the home to collect any valuables you own, such as antiques, collections, artwork, jewelry, and expensive handbags.

What items should you leave on display?

After you’ve removed so much of yourself before listing the home, how do you decide what to keep in the home to avoid it looking too empty? Decorative items that bring some life to the room, along with some fresh flowers and pretty candles are great items to keep around the home. It will bring a personalized feel to the room while remaining neutral to any family that wants to envision living here. You can also have baked chocolate chip cookies available to potential buyers and in sight of staging photos. Remember that everything should remain neutral but still be staged to appeal to buyers without distracting them.

While you may be proud of your valuable collections of handbags or guns, potential buyers walking through your home may take a mental note of what you own. Make sure to remove items like these before having photos taken of your home and a showing scheduled.



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