Home Buyers QuestionsWhen people go shopping for their home, it requires a great deal of research to make sure home buyers are considering the best home for their family. This means that in addition to reading over your home listing and attending a showing, home buyers are going to have questions for the seller. Some things just aren’t going to be readily available for the buyer to know, such as the age of the roof, previous pest problems, or where things are in the home like a water heater or circuit breaker.

People often want to know what the neighborhood is like to live in compared to what it looks like driving through. Home buyers are likely going to ask questions after seeing your home online and attending your open house which means that you need to be willing to be honest and knowledgeable about what you are selling. This could be someone’s next home so here is a look at common questions you may get from a home buyer that it will be important for you to be honest about and prepared for.

Where specific things live in the home

Your home buyer may want to know things that you take for granted, such as the location of the circuit breaker or thermostat. Sometimes modern homes do a good job of hiding these items from the décor which means your buyer may need to be shown the location. You may also be asked about the sprinkler controls, the water heater, and the pool filter. Be prepared to share with home buyers where features of your home are and how they are maintained.

Quality and age of big ticket items

Be prepared to share with buyers the status of different areas of your home. How old is the roof? Is it going to need replaced soon? What is the quality of the appliances and how new are they? Is the plumbing in good shape? How about the heating and cooling? Will windows or garage doors need replaced in the future?

Make sure you are aware of these different items in your home that would be an expensive fix in the future for a buyer. Even if you haven’t had any trouble with these areas, make sure you do the work to research their past and prove records on anything you can.

Has the home had a pest problem before?

House PestThis may sound strange but buyers are going to ask if you’ve ever had a pest problem or infestation in the past. Do you know if there have been rodents or insects in the home before? Make sure you are honest about your pest history even if it’s something you prefer not to share.

What’s the neighborhood like?

While you can research a neighborhood and drive through it, it’s helpful to know firsthand what it’s like to live in from someone who has experienced that. Buyers will ask about things like schools, safety, neighbors, entertainment, and dining. It’s a good chance for you to rave about your neighborhood and sell it by its amenities.

Lastly, be ready to share anything about the house that you think a buyer would want to know. If there was something you wished you had known when you moved in, be willing to share that with a buyer. Being transparent and knowledgeable about your home will impress a buyer and make potential buyers feel at ease about purchasing from you.

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