Staging your home for your upcoming sale in Tampa is going to benefit your selling potential over other homes on the market. It provides a clean slate for your buyers to imagine life here without the distractions of clutter, filth, or awkward furniture placement.

When you know how to sell a house through a beautiful interior design, you know what items are out of place or are in the way for a proper presentation to your buyers. Take a look at these things that buyers will notice in your photos and home showings if they are not staged by a professional.

Everything should be painted in neutrals

If you’ve neglected to update your paint job, your buyers will notice in a hurry when they see a bold purple dining room or a bright yellow kitchen. You need to repaint the home into neutral colors that will appeal to any buyer, and allow for a nice clean slate to envision personalized decorating taking place. Fresh paint will also make it feel cleaner and newer. Prioritize an interior paint job before selling your house and use colors like white, cream, or a pale apricot.

Remove your personality from the home

Buyers don’t want to feel like they are in somebody else’s home. They want to feel that they are in a home that no one lives in that they can turn into their own. When you leave signs of your personality around the home, through family pictures, unique artwork, or closets with your clothing hanging, people may start to feel less comfortable and less likely to envision this being their own.

You were going to purge some extra items before moving anyway, so why not take the time to declutter the closets, the personalized items, and more? Be sure to put away personal items like medicine, jewelry, and valuables before showings as well.

Stage and the furniture and add a cozy feel

Now it’s time to place furniture where it will make the room really pop. While you may enjoy having the couch against this specific wall and your television in this part of the room, the room may be better suited without a television and with more focus on the beautiful windows and conversational layout.

While you may love having a playroom for the kids, it may be better to show buyers how that extra bedroom will make the perfect guest room. Be sure to stage furniture to show off a room’s best features, rather than your preferences for styling the room.

Be sure to remove any items or furniture that doesn’t make sense in the home’s staging setup. You may like extra seating for guests, but it may clutter walkways and make rooms feel smaller. Then, add a special touch to the house to give it a cozy feel, such as throw pillows and throw blankets on sofas. It’s a great way to avoid buying new furniture or bringing in staged furniture, but brings in a cohesive and modern feel.

You don’t need to spend this time on major renovations. Get a fresh coat of paint, declutter the home, remove your personal items, and stage it like a pro.



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