Bayshore Boulevard: Longest Continous Sidewalk in AmericaA walk down a waterfront road can surely be nice, especially when it is on Bayshore Boulevard. This is located in Hillsborough Bay, in South Tampa, Florida. South of downtown Tampa, people will find the sidewalk, considered to be the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. It reaches a length of 4.5 miles, or 7.2 km. It is 10 feet wide, best for recreational activities, walking and other forms of exercise. Along the boulevard, there is a beautiful view of urban Tampa and of the waters.

Bayshore Boulevard Greenway Trail

The 10-ft wide sidewalk starts off at the north of Columbus Statue Park located in Platt Street. It ends at Gandy Boulevard. There is also a 3-mile bike lane along the northern part of the Bayshore Boulevard, in between the Rome Avenue and the Gandy Boulevard. This trail is equipped with a number of amenities, which include comfortable benches, a water fountain, bicycle parking, and some fitness stations. There are also artistic cast bronze trail markers embedded on the sidewalk, showing images borrowed from the Tampa natural environments. These are designed by Michele Oka Doner in 1992 and entitled as “Winged Figure: From the Firmament”.

Bayshore is indeed a friendly place for those who are planning to have a healthy lifestyle, for people who enjoy jogging early in the morning, or taking their bikes out for a ride. It is a place that fosters healthy living, and surely, there is less pollution here.

For those who can’t leave their cars at home, parking is available at the Bay to Bay Park, Ballast Point Park and the Fred Ball Park.

The Historic Establishments along Bayshore

While passing through the boulevard, people can find prestigious homes, and most of which are on the National Historic Register. Aside from that, it is also surrounded by a number of remarkable business centers. One of which is the Colonnade, a known historic restaurant that specializes in serving seafood meals. This restaurant has been established in 1935 and it is still running and selling the best seafood in all of Tampa.

The city of Tampa, especially on the part where Bayshore Boulevard stands, is indeed rich with culture and history. The first settlers were what they call as the “Tanpa”, known as the native tribes of the bay. The word means “sticks of fire”. Early explorers had mistaken the word for “Tampa”. The area indeed improved in various ways since Ponce de Leon started his search for the fountain of youth in 1521.

Why Reside in Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa?

Bayshore Boulevard is indeed one of the best places to buy a home:

• The sun rises over the city, and people can have a clear view on the waterfront 10-ft walkway.
• There are times when manatees can be spotted beyond the sidewalk to the shallow waters at the shore.
• Take a glance on the resident dolphins that often feed on a small school of fish.
• The environment is peaceful and there are many wonderful places to visit, other than the walkway.

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