Moving MistakesMoving is already such a huge burden for anyone moving a short distance or across the country. The last thing you’d want to do is make it harder on yourself by forgetting to get organized, hiring a poor moving team, or measuring your new house. You could end up moving into a house with a couch that won’t fit through the front door or boxes that were never labeled and you can’t even prepare dinner in the new place.

Some moving mistakes are likely to happen unless you make a point to avoid them and being prepared is the first step. You want to enjoy your new home when you arrive and the last thing you’ll want to do is arrive with chaos and frustrations. Take a look at a few mistakes that will slow you down that you can avoid if you move more carefully and thoughtfully.

Set up your utilities now

One of those areas of moving that some people forget to prepare for are stopping and starting your utility services. While you’ve probably remembered to schedule your utilities to stop at your current home, did you remember to have them scheduled to start at the new home? You can likely do it all at once and that way you’ll arrive to your new home with lights that turn on and water that heats up.

Otherwise, you could be living without heat, air, lights, or other utilities for the first few days at your new house until the utility company can get it started. Set up the utilities a month before the movie and schedule them in advance to make sure your arrival on moving day is a breeze.

Did you measure the doorways?

It may sound strange but you’ll need to measure the doorways of your new home in order to avoid bringing to large of items on moving day. The last thing you want to deal with is a couch that won’t fit through the door or other furniture that you could have put in storage or sold before the move. Be sure to measure the doorways to make sure you’ll have clearance on all of your large furniture pieces. In some cases, you may find another entrance in the garage or a large window.

Emergency kits are handy

It’s always nice to have a bit of an emergency kit or first week kit. This kit would contain the clothes you would need to get started, basic kitchenware, and items for your kids or pets. Pack a suitcase for the essentials so that you don’t have to dig through boxes for clothes, medicine, and toys.

Packing boxes randomly

Moving BoxesYou may be tempted to pack your items into boxes in a random way to best utilize the space. Have you considered how hard it will be to unpack? It’s much easier to label a box “kitchen items” than to place items from four different rooms into one box. You’ll have a hard time finding your bathroom items, kitchen items, clothes, and dog toys when you’ve thrown all of your items into various boxes. You’ll end up opening every single box to find the basics if you pack haphazardly. Consider separating by room and labeling.

Hiring just any old movers

Lastly, many people tend to just hire the first movers that pop up on an internet search. Have you done your homework? You could end up with a team with poor reviews, a bad reputation, or not capable of doing this particular job. Have they moved an entire home before? Do they know how to properly move your antiques, old piano, and pieces of art? You should do a great deal of research before hiring a moving team to avoid having your belongings damaged.

These are the most common moving mistakes that people tend to make that will not only cause more stress, but slow down moving day altogether.

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