Are you looking for simple ways to increase your home’s value so that you can get the most bang for your buck when it’s time to sell this year? There are some great ways to increase your home’s value with some surprisingly simple and cost-effective solutions.

Not only will it make your home more enjoyable in the meantime, but your potential buyers will be wowed by your home’s exterior from your landscaping updates and the clean air quality in the home from your improvements.  Take a look at the seven top tips for increasing your Tampa home’s value this year.

Filter the water

It may sound like a simple update, but one luxury that home buyers will find really appealing is that you’ve installed a water filtration system into the home. It will not only make the water taste amazing, but it will save the homeowners from all of those cases of bottled water in their monthly grocery bill.

Water straight from the faucet doesn’t taste the best, but it will clean and refreshing with your new water filtration system. This inexpensive addition added to your kitchen will be the luxury buyers will love.

Improve the air quality

Have you ever walked through the house and felt like allergies were driving you mad? Clean up the air quality of the home by replacing carpets and switching to environmentally-friendly, natural products instead. Going with a laminate or tile floor will clear up the air since contaminants and allergens hide in those old carpets. You’ll also give your home that modern Florida feel since carpets aren’t as appealing in these hot temps.

Work on the exterior

Making improvements to your exterior will really pay off this year. Work on some low-maintenance landscaping, plant some trees, and manicure that lawn. Buyers will love getting a great first impression with a beautiful lawn that has been professionally trimmed with the hedges shaped.

Then you just need to purchase some drought-tolerant plants that are native to Tampa that will offer some beauty while being low maintenance for the new owners. some colorful plants will add some beauty to the exterior while planting new trees to offer shade will help save in cooling costs by as much as 40% this year. Then, if you have any weeded grass areas, you can replace it with fresh new sod.  These are great ways to at curb appeal.

Get new appliances

Even if your appliances are all working great, swapping appliances for energy-efficient options will make a big difference. You will not only save on your utility bills, but your new buyers will find this as a big upsell. People are looking for energy-efficient appliances that save on utility costs. Make them match for a cohesive and modern appeal to your home.

Work on the ceilings

One area that most people forget about is the ceiling over their heads. Are you working with popcorn ceilings? Have these scraped and smoothed by a professional. Then, install box beams or crown molding to give the room an elegant and sophisticated feel. Extra touches like these or millwork will give your modern home the feel of an older home with character.

Change up the entryway

Another area that is often forgotten and can make a big impact is the entryway. You want this part of the home to feel welcoming and beautiful for that first impression. Replace the door with something that complement’s the home’s design, but also offers an attractive look and energy-efficient features.

This could mean that you choose a solid wood door in a beautiful color or choose something with decorative glass panels. Make sure you have an attractive path to the door with solar lights installed for the evenings and a “welcome” mat upon arriving. Then make sure your guests are greeted by neutral paint colors throughout the home that won’t offend or overwhelm the eyes.

Kitchen and bathroom

Lastly, it’s time to update the kitchen and bathroom. Depending on your budget, you can update these areas for the biggest returns on your investment. Granite countertops in large kitchens with stained cabinets and energy-efficient appliances are big sellers. Update your bathroom with a new showerhead, backsplash, countertop, and cabinets.

Use these top 7 tips to update your Tampa home and increase the value before listing it on the market this year.



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