New HomeownershipWhen it’s time to get the keys to your new home in Tampa, you are probably feeling over the moon and ready to take on home ownership for the first time. Tampa is such a great city to own a home due to the excellent weather, the city attractions, and the great job market.

Owning a home can be an exciting venture for you and your family, but it does come with responsibilities like remembering to pay the insurance, keeping up on property taxes, and regular home maintenance. Sometimes renovations take place to improve the house and for others, simply decorating inside the home can be a new feat.

Don’t get discouraged if you are a new homeowner in Tampa and aren’t sure what to be looking for. Here are 5 quick maintenance tips to make your life a little simpler and to make sure you are keeping your home and your family safe.

Be aware of leaks

LeaksSometimes leaks happen, whether it’s air or water leaks, and they can come from pipes or walls. Not only does it mean that pests have a way to get in, but it could mean a number of issues for your home. You don’t want to lose heat in the winter or cold air in the summer, nor do you want to accumulate water ending up with a mold issue. Be sure to keep an eye out for leaks and get weatherproofing or caulking to take care of it right away.

Your appliances

If you love that new washer and dryer that was installed by the last owner but your refrigerator is old and dingy, you may want to consider upgrading. Think about how old your appliances are and make sure you update them when it makes sense. If your appliances are newer but they aren’t the energy-efficient ones you were hoping for, you can always upgrade now knowing that it will save you in your monthly utility bills. Simply replacing one appliance you use every day will make a difference.

Check out the HVAC system and insulation

Sometimes your HVAC system will need a repair or replacement because it hasn’t been serviced in a while. Consider having it checked out to make sure things like the air filters are working well. With the proper HVAC function and insulation, you can protect your home from losing hot or cold air. Sometimes insulation is lacking which means your roof and foundation are not staying protected. Look for missing pieces of insulation or holes that may need replaced.

Inspect your gutters

GuttersAnother area that new home owners may not know to check out are the gutters and downspouts. These are so important because this is how your home stays clear of leaks in the roof or moisture buildup. Make these are in great shape without cracks or clogs.

Don’t forget regular maintenance care

Lastly, make sure you are scheduling regular home maintenance care into your schedule. Your home may have been fine at move in, but you need to consider the regular routine care like deck cleaning, roof inspection, gutter cleaning, and more.

Consider these five quick tips when you get settled into your new Tampa home so that you don’t find yourself with an issue that could have been avoided.

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