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Search St. Petersburg Spanish Style Homes For Sale

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Introduction to Spanish Homes in St. Petersburg FL

If there’s a more endearing architectural design than Spanish style homes, we’d love to see it. Perfect for home buyers who love a cozy home that features plenty of vintage charm, Spanish-style homes for sale in St. Petersburg FL tend to be among our favorites to show anyone looking for a new place live. Spanish architecture has been heavily influential in St. Petersburg since the early 19th century, and there is still evidence of this influence throughout the city today. In fact, the overall vibe of a Spanish style home seems to blend in with the Florida landscape perfectly, although given the appeal and desirability that's associated with Spanish style homes in St. Pete, options and opportunities on the market can sometimes be limited.

Common Features of St. Petersburg Spanish Style Houses

There are many different types of Spanish-style homes that can be found in St. Petersburg, ranging from Mediterranean-style homes to haciendas and even some Moorish-inspired structures. Some of the oldest Spanish homes in St. Petersburg are located in Old Pasadena, an area known for its grandiose properties built in the late 1800s. The Spanish architectural style originates from Spain, but its roots extend much further beyond the country's borders and into the broader Mediterranean region. This style has been used in various countries across the world, from Latin America to North Africa and even as far away as the United States. In its essence, Spanish architectural style is characterized by a combination of Moorish, Renaissance, and Baroque elements. One of its most notable features is the use of red tile roofs on buildings, which is often accompanied by white walls and an ornamental style, which make the buildings look vibrant and cheerful. 

In St. Petersburg, Florida, you'll find many properties built in what's known as the 'Floridian Spanish style' or 'Mizner style'. The latter term gets its name from famous builder Addison Mizner, who from the late 19th century to early 20th century erected countless vernacular buildings in the Sunshine State. They share commonalities with their Spanish counterparts, such as the use of white stucco walls and red tile roofs. However, many Spanish homes also incorporate a wide range of features that are distinctly American in style. This includes large columns and arches and extensive use of wrought iron on everything from gates to balconies.

The Spanish Style Home Market in St. Petersburg 

The Floridian Spanish style is a great look for those who want to inject some vibrance into their property. It combines classic European charm with an American twist, making it the ideal architecture for homeowners who want their home to be truly unique. Many of St. Petersburg's communities incorporate Spanish design into their buildings in one way or another. The city itself is home to both original vernacular buildings and newer developments that have been inspired by them. In the case of more recently-constructed properties, prices tend to stay on par with the local average of roughly $450,000 for a single-family dwelling. Larger, older, and upgraded homes can go for much more, often millions. Like any other piece of real estate, the cost comes down to circumstantial factors such as location, size, and condition. But in terms of long-term value, you can't go wrong by buying a Spanish-style home in St. Petersburg. They tend to retain their value better than other styles, and they've become a hallmark of the city's unique character and charm.