What is the benefit of a Short Sale? A Short Sale is a negotiation between a homeowner and a bank (we negotiate on your behalf) to allow a property to be sold for less than the balance owed. The benefit to a homeowner is that it allows him/her to get out of a house that is upside down. The best part is, you are avoiding foreclosure and are no longer responsible for your unaffordable mortgage payment.

How will a Short Sale affect my credit? Short Sales will have a negative effect on your credit, but to what extent will vary from person to person. The most important thing to know about a Short Sale is that you are avoiding foreclosure. A foreclosure is the most damaging event your credit status can encounter...worse than bankruptcy. A Short Sale has less impact on your credit than a foreclosure. A successful Short Sale will show as 'Paid Less Than Full' on your credit. After a successful Short Sale you will more than likely be able to resume normal borrowing, such as car loans, credit cards, consumer goods, etc...

How long is the process? The process will depend on the marketability of the property, and the particular lender or lenders that hold the loan. On average, our short sales have been negotiated successfully between 60 and 120 days.

If I am current on my mortgage payments do I have to stop paying my mortgage to do a Short Sale? You are not required to be behind on your mortgage, but you will be required to show a hardship...again every bank handles each case differently. We can put your Short Sale file together within a couple days and submit it for approval. (Remember, there is no charge for this). That is the best way to determine if your lender will accept a file for approval on a loan that is current.

What kind of hardship is considered legitimate by my lender(s)? Hardships come in many different forms. Here are the most common hardships, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Family illness or injury
  • Illness or injury in the extended family – particularly if it forces relocation
  • Job relocation when the property is equity deficient
  • Job loss or significant income loss
  • Divorce or split of domestic partners
  • Adjustment in mortgage payment or unforeseen increase in living expenses

Not all hardships are the same, and they do not necessarily have to be financially related. Contact us to discuss your hardship to see if it qualifies as one.

Will they stop the foreclosure process if I apply for a Short Sale and have an interested buyer? No. The foreclosure process continues however the Short Sale process can delay or slow down the foreclosure process. The bank would prefer a Short Sale over a foreclosure. A foreclosure will cost the bank more money.

If I do a Short Sale, how much will I have to pay to sell my home? Most times the owner will not have to come out of pocket with any expenses. Usually all commissions, taxes, association fees, etc... are paid by the lender.

Is it worth attempting a Short Sale if you have already been served with foreclosure papers? That is the exact time to do a Short Sale because the bank is motivated and the foreclosure process is in full effect.

I have two loans can I still do a Short Sale? Yes. We negotiate both loans for you. Usually the first mortgage will make an offer for a release of the 2nd.

Can I still short sell my home even though I owe more than $500,000 on it? ABSOLUTELY! We have worked with and successfully negotiated many different sized mortgage amounts. We have seen short sales get approved on properties with mortgage amounts upwards of 1.5 million dollars and more. Big or small it's worth the call!

Do lenders approve all Short Sales? Not always. If the bank feels you have the ability to keep paying and do not have a legitimate hardship it will not approve the Short Sale. However, if your property is worth less than what you owe they may consider that a hardship in itself. Every short sale scenario is different.

Please contact us to see if you have a hardship that qualifies you for a short sale.


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