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Feeling like there is no other option but foreclosure can be an overwhelming experience. Know that you are not alone. Thousands of homeowners in the United States are facing the same challenges as you every single day. Now, more than ever before, there are solutions.

You need help, guidance, and someone who understands the difficult choices you are facing about your home, your family, and your life. Quite often a homeowner facing a foreclosure thinks they have to go through the process alone, forced into a daunting situation caused by unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. Facing damage to your credit, and the possibility of not being able to purchase another home for 10 years can be a tough future to face, but by tapping into the expertise of a knowledgeable real estate agent, there are options available for you and you’ve come to the right place.

We provide you with information about how to avoid a foreclosure, explain the effects it can have on you and your family, and offer other options that may be available to you.

This includes a short sale, and we can help you determine if you qualify.

Now is the time to short sell your home! The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act & Debt Cancellation has recently been extended to January 1st, 2014… Click here to find out more or contact us!

Please know that all communication will be strictly confidential!

Specializing in helping homeowners use a Short Sale to avoid home foreclosure in the Tampa Bay, Florida real estate market.

We are proven professionals that get results… OVER 100 SHORT SALES APPROVED!

“Thanks again for everything, you really are the BEST! I got your Business cards in the mail the other day and I’ve been handing them out like candy. It’s amazing how many people are in the same situation as we were but haven’t made the leap of faith to short sell their house. It’s the best thing financial we could have ever done! I’m so grateful, I trusted you and went for it. Now that the dust has settled, the weight that has been lifted is incredible and it feels great!”
-Mary Grace (Another Satisfied Client)

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