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Introduction to Farmhouse Homes in Tampa FL

As the name might suggest, farmhouse style homes were designed with a classic country setting in mind, featuring the greenery, space, and picturesque views that many city dwellers can only dream of. But even throughout city and suburban neighborhoods, the farmhouse style has inspired numerous homes and communities to become more open-concept and boast a more modernized version of this classic style. Tampa has quite a few to show off, ranging from simple two bedroom properties to all-out estate-style homes directly on the waterfront.

Common Features of Tampa Farmhouse Style Homes

The farmhouse style originates from Germany and Scandinavia, where in the 1700s, families began building structures to house farmhands. Many of the characteristics that are associated with farmhouse style were developed by these original farmers. The foundation is typically wood, and it is supported by a base of either brick or stone. Windows are usually large and often designed in horizontal bands, providing more light and ventilation. The roofs are often steeply pitched, with gables that face the front of the house. On a fundamental level, farmhouse design is about practicality. This style originates from the bare-bones methods of old-world construction, meaning exposed beams, rough-hewn planks, and utilitarian fixtures are common elements.

The farmhouse aesthetic is also characterized by a lack of excessive ornamentation or decoration with the focus instead being on functionality and straightforward design. This style didn’t just come from the fields; many of the elements were inspired by the industrial age. Characteristics such as metal tables, wood or concrete floors, and steel countertops provide a utilitarian feel that is still very much in fashion today. And despite farmhouse style homes originating in Europe, it's yet another style that eventually caught on in the United States. Regions like Tampa are home to both original settler-era properties built in this style as well as new developments that embrace its inviting and homey aesthetic.

The Farmhouse Style Home Market in Tampa 

Generally speaking, farmhouse style homes in Tampa come with higher price tags than their traditional counterparts. This might be due to the fact that many of these homes have been renovated or updated, retaining some of their historical elements while also incorporating modern amenities like high-end appliances and energy efficient windows. Tampa is also home to a number of new developments that feature modern farmhouse homes, which tends to kick up the median home price. 

Land space and house size are perhaps the biggest factors when it comes to pricing. Farmhouse style homes are typically larger than traditional houses, and they tend to be located on more substantial lots – something that can add significantly to their value. The cheapest options in Tampa tend to sell for around $600,000, while larger properties with more bedrooms can go for upwards of one million dollars and over. 

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