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Are you looking for somewhere great to eat at the beach this weekend? The St. Pete Beach area has really seen an improvement in the food scene lately that will have you loving a beach dining experience on a regular basis. It can feel like a mini getaway from the stress of the workweek where you’re more likely to be on-the-go or eating at home.

This week, make some time to stop out for dinner or a weekend lunch at these beach restaurants in the area that will have you enjoying the freshest seafood, a beautiful sunset, and a laidback experience.

Jimmy B’s Beach Bar – 6200 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach

With many of the best dining being right at St. Pete Beach, you’ll have a hard time not paying a visit to Jimmy B’s at the Beachcomber Hotel. It’s one of

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When it comes to buying or selling a home in Tampa, the condition of the bathrooms will almost always play a critical role. While some people say the kitchen is the most important room in the house, many others say it’s the bathroom(s) that matter most. Regardless of which side you’re on, however, most will agree that the kitchen and the bathrooms are really what standout when you’re either looking to purchase a new home or maximize profitability when selling. 

Everyone of course has their own style and design preferences when it comes to the look and layout of a bathroom; but if you can find a way to keep things neutral when updating or remodeling your home’s bathroom, it’ll pay dividends when you do decide to sell. And while each bathroom

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If you’ve been shopping for a mortgage for buying a home in Tampa this year, you’ve likely run across interest rates and APRs that have your head spinning. To you they may both seem like the same concept, a percentage of the home value that you pay your lender in interest for letting you borrow the money for it.

If that is the case, what is the difference between these two real estate terms? It comes down to the interest rate being your starting point while your APR is the associated fees of the mortgage loan tacked on. Take a closer look at these two terms so that you can understand the difference when it’s time to work with a lender on your next home in Tampa.

Understanding interest rates

The interest rate is likely what you imagine when it

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Tampa has some exciting developments taking place, reminding residents that Tampa is one of those places where everyone wants to be. Not only are there exciting new high-rises coming to South Tampa, but our very own Tampa International is experiencing an expansion our downtown is making room for new buildings to reside here.

There are new condos, hotels, grocery stores, retail stores, and more coming to the area, which means new places to visit, more jobs, and more desire for people to live here. Take a look at why you’ve chosen the right place to live based on all of these exciting new projects coming to the area or that have just arrived.

Airport expansion

The West Shore of the Tampa International Airport is getting an exciting new expansion

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Tampa House Flips on the RiseAs the housing market gained significant momentum last year, home flipping was also on the rise, and the Tampa area was mentioned as one of the leading markets in that space in 2016. According to research from national real estate website Trulia, the Tampa metro area, which includes Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, ranked 3rd in the country for house flips in 2016, which can largely be attributed to rising home prices and job growth throughout much of the region. 

As noted by Trulia, roughly 6.1% of all home sales in Tampa in 2016 qualified as a home flip, which is officially defined as the purchase of a market rate home that’s sold again shortly after for a higher price because of improvements or short-term profit. Compared to 2015, the rate of

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Are you in the mood for tacos this week? Whether it’s taco Tuesday or you’re just in the mood for some gourmet tacos, Tampa has you covered. You can’t beat authentic Mexican tacos when you’ve had enough of the fake kind from fast food, and stops like La Cabana Del Tio or Taco Bus has just what you’re looking for. Take a look at the top choices for tacos that can guarantee freshly-made tacos at great prices from restaurants to taco shacks around Tampa.

Miguelitos Taqueria Y Tequilas – 2702 West Kennedy Blvd, Tampa

Your first stop should be to Miguelitos overs on West Kennedy where you can find a great option for fresh, authentic tacos today. It was created by the same people that made Miguel’s Mexican Seafood & Grill, and it was voted as the top

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Are you preparing to sell your Tampa home this year? It’s important to make sure you’ve learned what the expectations are for you to disclose as the seller to potential buyers. Some pieces of information you may wish to not disclose, such as some home damage or defects of the property. You can find yourself in a bind if you don’t disclose things that legally must be disclosed.

You’ll find yourself trying to decide what items to disclose, just like every other seller does, since you know the most about the property’s history and its condition, which makes it your lawful duty to inform any potential seller despite the risk of losing the deal. Here is your guide to knowing what you must disclose during a home sale.

Florida’s laws on the issue

A good

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