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Bungalow HomeWhen it comes to selling a home, there are many factors to consider if you want to make sure buyers will be interested. Sellers in Tampa have the perk of knowing they are selling a home in a wonderful city that many people want to live in, but you still have to consider how you’ll stand out from the competition.

While the home means so much to you and you have emotions tied to the property, buyers aren’t going to have any emotional tie and are going to want to know why this home would be so special for their family. What is it about your home that makes buyers want to make their own memories? Take a look at these areas to focus on to make sure that buyers will want to buy your Tampa home.

The bathrooms and kitchen

Bathroom Buyers WantOne area you should start to

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Investors BuyingOften, home buyers think a home that has been newly renovated is a new home. However, it may not be as new as you think. While the home may look move-in ready, it may not be as ready as you might think. On the other hand, if it really is a turnkey property, you will probably end up paying top dollar for the renovations.

TV shows featuring professional house flippers make the process look very easy and they usually have a happy ending. However, they don’t show the home going through a regular day with people living inside it or how it might hold up.

Before you purchase a flipped house or a newly renovated home, make sure you know what you’re getting. Here are a few things you should do to ensure you don’t run into huge issues after buying the home.

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Amazon SignIt’s an exciting time for Tampa as more and more top companies have decided to join the area. In addition, many of the current big companies in the area have decided to start expanding which is making Tampa an excellent area for job growth and the local economy.

Companies keep expanding and joining the area because it’s such a desirable business location, there is affordable housing for their employees, the weather rocks, and there is simply a high-quality group of people that want to be a part of the workforce. The business regulations keep business’ best interest in mind and it’s easy to travel for work due to Tampa having world-class airports, as well as being a premier cruise and cargo port.

With all of these great perks found exclusively in

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Riverwalk by the Convention CenterThe Tampa Riverwalk is one of the most popular attractions found in Tampa. Sections are found along the Hillsborough River and Curtis Hixon Park. The Riverwalk is an open space development with a pedestrian trail found throughout. It passes through or will pass through many areas of Tampa including:

  • Curtis Hixon Park
  • MacDill Park
  • Downtown Tampa
  • Tampa Art District
  • Channelside District
  • Tampa Heights
  • Water Works Park

The Riverwalk is a long-term project that has been in development since the 1970s. The Kennedy Boulevard Segment was the final phase, which covers about 1,460 feet of water and links Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park with MacDill Park.

The Bronze Sculptures

Throughout the Riverwalk, you can enjoy many bronze

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Memorial Day in TampaIt’s one of the best times of the year for Tampa with a 3-day weekend in order for most. Memorial Day weekend is a great time to spend with your family, to take the time to honor those that have served for our country, and to take a break from work to enjoy life and the changing weather. In Tampa, it’s common to have family gatherings throwing the football around and enjoy a backyard barbecue.

For some, this tradition gets old and repetitive which means it’s time to do something new this year. The city plans a bunch of great events for families to enjoy and having a longer weekend away from work is the perfect time to try them. From taking the family to a music festival to trying something new like a local ghost tour, here is a look at some of the

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Aquatica on BayshoreAquatica on Bayshore provides a rather unique design for a high-rise condominium building. It’s unlike anything else you will find in South Tampa. The modern vision from Joseph Galea, the architect, gives the 32 residences a design much like a work of art.

Each of the 15 floors is uniquely designed to provide the highest quality upgrades, along with an amazing waterfront view. This luxurious condominium building is currently under construction and the opportunity to own one of the units is now available.

The Condominium Features

Every condo at the Aquatica on Bayshore will feature floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Gulf. The kitchens will all provide luxury stainless steel appliances and the balconies look like something out of a painting.

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Home Buyers QuestionsWhen people go shopping for their home, it requires a great deal of research to make sure home buyers are considering the best home for their family. This means that in addition to reading over your home listing and attending a showing, home buyers are going to have questions for the seller. Some things just aren’t going to be readily available for the buyer to know, such as the age of the roof, previous pest problems, or where things are in the home like a water heater or circuit breaker.

People often want to know what the neighborhood is like to live in compared to what it looks like driving through. Home buyers are likely going to ask questions after seeing your home online and attending your open house which means that you need to be willing to be

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BreakfastSt. Petersburg and Clearwater are known for having excellent dining options. These beautiful cities are already a tourist destination for their beautiful weather, beaches, and location, but the dining and resort options are truly memorable. You’ll find luxury dining throughout the city, but where you can enjoy a great breakfast?

Whether you’re looking for something laidback and dog-friendly like Sweet Sage Café or you want something elegant and luxurious like the Loews Don Cesar’s Sea Porch Café, there is really something for every mood. Take a look at the top 7 spots that you’ll want to enjoy for breakfast in these two areas.

Sweet Sage Café – 16725 Gulf Blvd, St Petersburg

Start your morning at the beautiful and tropical Sweet Sage Café if

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Neighborhood ChecklistIt’s an exciting time when you get to go shopping for your home in Tampa. Home buyers are likely to get distracted by the beautiful neighborhoods, the colorful homes, and the neighborhood amenities that are unique to the area. When you shop, you are probably prepared with a checklist of things you need like a certain number of bedrooms or a great outdoor area for entertaining.

Have you considered what the neighborhood would need to have to be a great fit for your family? It’s easy to pick a great house for your family but many people forget to consider what the neighborhood is going to be like on a daily basis or if the location even makes sense for their needs.

Take a look at this complete checklist that you should use as a home buyer in Tampa that

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Tampa Open HouseWhen you have potential buyers looking at your home, it’s important that you get every nook and cranny when cleaning. You want your house to look its best and give the best impression possible. You’re likely to deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen, have the floors cleaned, put up a fresh coat of paint where needed, and move your furniture around to showcase that beautiful window or great space for entertaining.

Staging a home is important to show your home off in the best way possible, making it extra important that you think about every detail. There are a few areas that your buyers are going to examine that you may not have thought through, such as your junk drawer or under your bed. Take a look at these areas that your buyers might look through

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