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Downtown Tampa and Pirate ShipThe Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater area is always a popular tourist spot and favorite among locals, but what exactly is causing the recent winning streak for the real estate market here? Fortunately for those looking to move to the area, you are thinking the same thing as many others.

The area is full of an educated population, great employment ratings, homes in a variety of price ranges, and a wonderful part of Florida. For those looking to sell, you couldn’t choose a better time. The competition is best now because many sellers are holding out in hopes for a better sale later and short sales are decreasing making the market more normal now. If you’re ready to sell in this hot real estate market, take a look at why it’s the perfect time for the Tampa-St.

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Energy StarWhether you’re getting ready to sell your home or you just want to make sure you get the most out of it when you do, an energy-efficient kitchen is a great way to add value. Energy Star appliances help homeowners save money on energy bills and with the right design, your home may just attract more buyers.

Deciding to remodel your kitchen is a huge job. Updating a kitchen needs to be done in the right way with selling the property in mind, even if you plan to keep it for many years. Along with fitting the kitchen to your own style, make sure it fits with the current market trends. Here are a few things you should know about modern energy-efficient kitchens.

Lighting Matters

One of the least expensive upgrades you can make to your kitchen is using

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Tarpon Springs Sponge DocksClearwater and St. Petersburg may be well-known as the home of some of the country’s best beaches, but there’s more to do here than just go to the beach. Plenty of activities are found throughout the area for families, adults and residents of all ages. Whether you’re new to the area or planning to relocate, you should become familiar with the top area attractions.

Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks

Another very popular attraction found in the St. Petersburg and Clearwater area is the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. This attraction includes many sponge boats docked at Tarpon Springs. Since the area was settled by Greek immigrants and they found sea sponges to be very plentiful, it’s home to many Greek restaurants, shops and bakeries. You can shop on Dodecanese

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Curb AppealAdding curb appeal to your home before selling may be the difference between getting what your home is worth and accepting a lower price. The exterior of your home makes the first impression and it needs to be inviting. Sellers should always focus on home improvements for the exterior of the home. If the outside doesn’t look great, it will show up in online pictures, which could lead to your home getting passed up.

Improving your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can do many things to make it look much better without breaking your budget. Here are a few easy ways to increase curb appeal for an affordable price.

The Front Door

Your front door makes a huge impression, even if you don’t think it does. A fresh coat of

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Davis Islands - Derek Jeter's HouseTampa is already an amazing place to live and a popular choice for those looking to live in Florida, but did you know that even celebrities are finding themselves calling Tampa home? That’s because it’s really hard to beat the weather, the income-tax-free life, the beaches and the fantastic golf courses, but those waterfront homes really take the cake.

Everybody loves a great view in their home but it’s hard to beat the life of living waterfront where you can step outside and get to the water in beautiful Tampa. Celebrities are so drawn to them because they are less attainable; being multi-million dollar homes in the Tampa Bay, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream.

If you were wondering what celebrities might be calling the Tampa Bay area home

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Kayaks on beachSometimes when date night rolls around, you tend to choose the same restaurants and movie theaters without knowing how to change up the routine. When you want to take your special someone out to on a fun date, you tend to forget that the typical dinner and a movie is getting old and not impressing anyone. It’s time for a change and luckily Tampa has many great date night spots available that you probably haven’t even thought of.

There are some fun spots to check out around town on the weekends, from concerts to theater and even outdoors spots you’ve probably never realized how romantic it could be. Take a look at these five date idea near Tampa that after visiting, you’ll have a hard time going to your old date night spots ever again.

Lovers Key

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Tampa Backyard DesignWhen it comes to selling your home, it’s easy to highlight that beautiful dining room, that spacious master bath, the basement that has become a rec room for the kids, and the kitchen island that is perfect for entertaining, but how do you show off your outdoor space to potential buyers?

Since most people go looking for homes in the springtime, it’s important to highlight your outdoor space while people are getting eager for the warm temperatures. Your buyers want to know what type of outdoor space a home is going to offer so that they can start to picture their summer barbeques, the space they’ll host family parties, and yard they are working with when it comes to playtime for the kids.

From adding comfy furniture to getting your space wired, here

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Home Moving MistakesYou’ve sold your home, bought a new one and now it’s time to move into your new Tampa home. Whether you’re coming from out of state or just moving across town, moving can be very stressful. Even though it’s stressful, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

During any move, problems may occur. Sometimes, the problems come from a mistake you made, while other times they can’t be avoided. Here are some of the common issues you may face during a move, which you can prevent.

Choosing a Bad Mover

One of the worst things you can do when moving to a home in Tampa is choose a bad mover. Some movers simply don’t show up or they show up late and don’t care. Others are very careless with your things due to inexperience. The last thing you want is a late mover or

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Tampa provides a number of trendy restaurants perfect for a night out. Both Hyde Park and SoHo are home to many of the top area restaurants. SoHo actually has an area called “Restaurant Row” with more than 35 choices.

It’s hard to narrow the list of dining options in this area down to just a few really good choices. There are dozens of great restaurants throughout these neighborhoods. Here are just a few of the top choices.

Edison Food + Drink Lab

Edison Food + Drink LabLocated on West Kennedy Boulevard, Edison Food + Drink Lab is the place for something unique. It’s unlike anything else in the area with a science theme and plenty of food experiments to enjoy, such as the jalapeno Cracker Jacks. Diners also enjoy unique decor and the Hummingbird milkshake is a great

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Saltwater Fishing ChartersWhat’s better than a day on the water? Tampa is a great location to enjoy fishing charters with the family. It’s a great way to work on your skills, see what you can catch, and enjoy the great outdoors. There are several perfect options for this in Tampa, such as the “Gone Fishing Charters” or the “Tampa Fishing Charters” where you can join the captain and team to hit the Tampa Bay on a beautiful afternoon.

You’ll love looking for fish like Grouper or Snapper in the deep water or Trout and Redfish when you fish the flats. When you live in a prime fishing location on the Tampa Bay, you’ll be eager to hit the water and catch something great for dinner. Take a look at the top five Tampa Fishing Charters that you’ll want to try this weekend.

Tampa Flats

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